Oxytocin Hormone


Oxytocin and Trust:

Note that it is hard to use this hormone as a "love drug" using methods other than as a nasal spray or inhaled mist, so normally it is taken with the full consent of the person using it. Many people buy oxytocin to enchance their own confidence and empathy, especially if they are on the autism spectrum and need that extra little lift to reduce anxiety and bond with a potential partner.

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Can it treat autism and asperger's syndrome?

PheromaxThe oxytocin hormone is most commonly associated with childbirth and bonding, but it has also gained media attention recently in studies related to autism and asperger's disease, since it appears to help people with these disorders to become more socially acclimated. Additionally, oxytocin nasal spray,also called "cuddle spray" in some circles, is said to help people create better bonds and trust where they may have had trouble getting closer together previously. Finally, people who use the oxytocin hormone most often use it on themselves to increase confidence and a sense of social well-being, which they then project upon others by sheer force of personality.

The oxytocin hormone has been widely reported to increase feelings of contentment, calmness, security, trust, and romantic attachment. The reduction in fear between romantic partners and the lowering of inhibitions as well as a heightened intimate response. In more recent news, a study of oxytocin delivered as a nasal spray had the surprising effect of making men less likely to go after attractive women when given the chance, which means that couples may benefit from oxytocin in a way that had not been previously understood. When men who are dosed with oxytocin were tested with attractive women, those who had oxytocin were less likely to fall to the amorous advances of these beautiful strangers. Although it had already been known that the hormone oxytocin had magical effects when it came to helping bond mothers and children, and helped autistic people become more empathetic, and that oxytocin was even released through prolonged hugging (which seems a bit creepy if you ask the editor of this site) the ability to build more trust with oxytocin leaves us wondering if women will be buying oxytocin nasal sprays for the men in their lives in order to keep them out of the clutches of romantic rivals and the pretty girls at the office. For those men looking to stray, the question then becomes whether they would avoid the hormone in order to keep their chemical conscience from conquering a coquette.

Oxytocin HormoneA 2013 study showed that the oxytocin hormone stimulated the brain development in children with Autism, thanks to functional MRI imaging of children who were either given placebo or the hormone. The results showed that the children who did not get the placebo functioned better in focusing on social queues versus those for objects. Reward and empathy neurofunctions improved, which is a good sign given that most children manifesting autism have a deficit in this area. In a sense, the focus was pulled away from objects to social cues, which indicates that children may be able to develop better bonds with people, and that at least some of the autism diagnosis is reversible, or at least treatable.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Some research indicates that not all oxytocin hormone effects may be positive, and could increase jealousy. While it is nice that oxytocin increases faithfulness, this is mostly true for couples that have active oxytocin produced, so it wouldn't help the couple from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf."